Monday, October 1, 2007

Deals 3,4 & 5 Update

19th November

Monday morning and its raining!! I feel like the weather today, 36 days to go until Christmas and we need to step up a gear on the deals running at the moment. The T-shirts are moving out on ebay and were getting closer to turning over a profit on that deal, which will make our front page summary look much healthier!! Nez now has a working computer (I think!) so communications between us will be a lot easier (and cheaper!!). I think I need to work on a plan to get this blog out to the masses. Its one thing trying to promote sales but the blog (and its associated benefits) will prove valuable in the long run. So if theres anyone out there with insomnia and who has some good suggestions (actually ANY suggestions) on more effective ways we can self-promote then drop us a line (use the 'contact us' link on the left hand menu). Right I'm not really in a typing mode so I'm off to sell a t-shirt. More soon

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