Saturday, October 6, 2007

Deal No 2

OK Once the euphoria had settled down after doing our first deal we had to move on. Now the next deal seems obvious, we buy 4 cosmetic sets and again sell them for a tenner each. But I had noticed that Sainsburys were doing a deal on the same product at £11.25 so we decided to buy 4 and sell them at £8.00 each to give our customers a really good value deal ( *mini-tip* Always give the customers a good value deal, they have a long term value to you!).

However, before we had chance to make the purchase a deal came along for some trainers at £10 a pair so we switched mid-flight and bought two pairs, well Nez did. And true to form, she immediately sold them at £20 a pair! (another *mini-tip* Always stay flexible on the deals).

We are ahead of schedule on both time and profit. Things are progressing nicely.

Total profit on deal 2 : £20.00
Current cash position: £40.00

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