Monday, October 1, 2007

Yet another deal 4 & 5 update

Monday 3rd December

Well over a week since the last update which indicates one of two things: either were sooooo busy or we're soooooo lazy. Well its the former. Things are moving along nicely with the stock. the t-shirts are selling well, the poker sets are slower but we should have them all done by xmas (hopefully!!). We have added something called 'blogsnapper' to our site. Were testing it at the moment and if it seems to catch on we will start a gallery section. The idea is you click on the button and it takes a pic from your webcam and uploads it to our site(blog). Ideally what we would like is for you to buy a t-shirt or poker set and then upload a pic of you either wearing the shirt or playing poker with your mates. Anyway, give it a go. If people respond well, we will get the full blown version with all the 'extras'.

Next update, very soon. We wont go 8 days again without speaking to our public!!

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