Monday, October 1, 2007

Deal 6 + Update

Sunday 9th December 2007

Now I admit your probably feeling confused. How can we be up to deal No 6 when we haven't even finished deal No 3 yet. Well I will give you the updates first and then explain deal 6. The 'Heroes' t-shirts are going really well, over 50% of the stock has been sold and were getting close to break even (which means we can start adding profit figures to our 'cash in hand' sum soon- yay!). The poker tables are picking up and I have quite a few deliveries to do over the next 7 days.

Our aim is to clear all the shirts and poker sets by Xmas day so we can take a few days off, update the records and start to plan for 2008.

Talking of which, lets move onto Deal No 6. We have been assisted over the last few weeks by Sam, who has been also selling our t-shirts on ebay. She also does a major Sunday market in north London and has been experimenting, with quite a degree of success, with some t-shirt designs of her own. So we have decided to do a 'joint-venture' with Sam and set up a t-shirt business and establish a range of 'fashionable' t-shirts, hoodies caps etc. Its all very exciting!! (lol).

To give you some idea of the type of products that will be offered for sale here's a preview:

Pretty cooh huh? OK If anyone wants to buy one of these just hit the 'contact us' link on the left hand side and we will organise it for you. The price is a mere £12.99. And remember, our ethos on this blog is to offer 'quality' products at exceptional value for money prices, these are NOT cheap t-shirts.

Over the next week or so I will post further details on how deal 6 will work out (basically because we have no idea ourselves at the moment!!) and how it will integrate into our 'goal'.

And for anyone who wants a 'Heroes' shirt or poker set just contact us, we will email you a link to make your purchase.

More soon

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