Thursday, October 4, 2007

Deals 3,4 & 5

Sunday 28th Oct

Yep you read it correctly, three deals for the price of one!! Based on what we said in 'Joint ventures-1' we are doing three deals simultaneously as we found a couple of generous folks to finance a couple of the deals.
Deal No 3 is a normal deal and we will report our progress in a subsequent post. Now onto deal No 4. For those of you who have been watching the NBC series 'Heroes' on BBC2 over the past 3 months (and if you haven't been watching you have missed a great series - buy the DVD when it comes out!!) you will know what I'm talking about when I say 'Helix'. Based on the fact that the helix symbol used in the show derived from a 16c piece of Japanese script (known as 'Kanji') we have produced some HEAVYWEIGHT t-shirts with our own adaptation of the original script and are now selling them on ebay (amongst other places) Heres what the shirt looks like:

Pretty cool huh? Oh you want to help us out and buy one! No problem, just click HERE to buy one (or more, remember these will make a great xmas gift for any Heroes fan), and then get back here to read the rest of our story.

OK next deal No 5. This is for poker fans everywhere. We will shortly be offering (on ebay of course) a package deal comprising of a full size 'Las Vegas' style poker table, 500 chips, some cards, dice etc etc, everything anyone would need for a fun evening in gambling the night away. Again, this would make the perfect xmas present for any budding card sharks out there!! I will post up a 'flyer soon showing the complete package so you can all consider buying it as a xmas present for someone (well we can hope cant we!!). Oh one further thing, the price. Well lets just say the whole package is UNDER 50 quid!! Not bad eh! And if you cant wait, and want details now, email me HERE

Further posts and updates on deals 3.4 & 5 will be appearing over the next few days, along with a word from Nez (yes, her side of the story IS coming soon!!)

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