Monday, October 1, 2007

New website + Update

OK a quick update. First, we will have our own website soon. the address is so bookmark it now, we have lots of things planned for the site. I should add that the site isn't up yet, I'm frantically learning HTML, please be patient, Im dividing my time between learning and selling!!.

Next, I'm doing another boot sale tomorrow (don't worry, I went to B&Q and bought a new pasting table!! - see earlier posting) so I have the thermals ready and hundreds of flyers to hand out. We have some orders for the poker sets for delivery in the next couple of weeks and the t-shirts are going steadily on ebay so, despite the 'summary' looking a bit grim at the moment, keep checking back, its going to shoot up soon. After we clear all this stock we should be about 40% ahead of our target (let's see how close that prediction becomes!!)
Another posting tomorrow, after I've thawed out!!

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