Monday, October 8, 2007

Deal No 1

OK so now we have decided to proceed we needed some deals, something that was quick and simple to start us off, and capable of turning over a 100% profit quickly. We had decided that as a guideline we would only consider deals that could be completed within a 2 week time period. Easy to achieve to start with, but that time constraint will become harder as this grows, so best get some quick ones in at the beginning.

I had seen an article stating that
Woolworths were doing champagne for a fiver a bottle (yep its true, they really are!!) so I suggested buying two bottles and selling them for a tenner each to anyone who a) didn't know Woolies were doing it or b) couldn't be bothered to drive to Woolies.
Nez suggested some cosmetics that a friend of hers was selling. As I hadn't really done my research on the champers deal Nez got the vote on this one and we duly decided that two packs of cosmetics would be our first deal.

Three days later
Nez rang. Deal was completed, two packs bought for a tenner and sold for twenty, Were on our way!!

Total profit on deal 1 : £10.00
Current cash position: £20.00

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